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This is the backstage pass to a world of music from a guy from the northern parts of Sweden/Finland. I started out writing songs when i was about 7 or 8 years. in front of the mirror with a tennis racket as a guitar and a burning ambition of getting out into the world to share my music.
I played with a number of bands ever since and still play in bands. Aloof is the bands name today.

What i would like to share with you here is a backstage pass to music i make and made over the years on my own for the most part. I´ve done 2 "solo" albums over the years ever since Reason came out. I did the Beta and loved it so i decided i would start making electronic music. The first 2 albums was made almost entirely with Reason 1 and 2. For the new album i am using Reason 8, Arturia Analog, Animoog, isem, imini moog, iprophet, addictive drums and protools. if you have questions about that feel free to ask.

I´ve been writing and producing music for 25 years now and i´m still learning things.
If you want to hear some of the stuff i´ve made over the years that will NOT be on this site check out:

Now onto what this will be for YOU!

I am writing music on a daily basis for myself and for others. This is the place to find all my songs that i end up releasing and some that i don´t. You will get to hear them all. You will also get to ask me questions about lyrics, writing, producing, equipment, ideas. It will be like hanging out with me in the studio for an afternoon.

So THANK you for going on this adventure with me.

Peace! / Kim Lantto

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